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9/14/2019 / News & Events / Katia Loboda

This year’s Smarter Services™ Symposium leadership conference, September 16-18 in Chicago, will bring together more than 250 manager and VP-level service leaders to share and learn from one another’s executive leadership experiences.

The symposium, presented by Service Council, is one of the industry’s major executive leadership conferences.

Attendees will not only hear keynote speakers from such pacesetters as Dell, Hobart Service, and Hewlett-Packard but also network with industry pioneers who continue to transform service delivery.

The conference will explore topics highly relevant to FSOs looking to enhance service experience, including:

  • Streamlining and optimizing your service supply chain part management.
  • Improving your customers’ experience in order to win repeat business and generate more revenue.
  • Empowering your mobile workforce so field technicians add significant value to service delivery.

Because Astea recognizes a strong service experience’s profound value for field service organizations (FSOs) and their customers, we’re proud to be a sponsor of this event.

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Announcing the 2019 Smarter Services™ Theme: “Service is Humanity”

Amidst the advancement of automation and AI into every aspect of service delivery, service-centric companies must bring back the personal touch. That’s why this year’s leadership conference will focus on ways FSOs can create unique and exceptional customer experiences to strengthen human connections.

Through workshops, breakout talks, and executive sessions, conference participants will gain tools and tactics for removing barriers between service delivery and customer support.

Breaking down those barriers creates more fluid, personal, and memorable service experiences for customers. In turn, those experiences help boost customer centricity, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention—and, ultimately, your company’s bottom line.

Who Should Attend the Smarter Services™Symposium in Chicago, and Why?

The symposium is an executive leadership conference for business leaders shouldering responsibility for any aspect of the service journey: customer experience, customer management, customer support, and more. Individuals from disciplines including, but not limited to, information technology (IT), human capital management, and finance will all benefit from attending.

Service Council™ designs this symposium to be more than a peer networking event. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate on real business problems.

Through executive panels, keynote sessions, workshops, breakout talks with industry leaders, and transformational case studies, service leaders will gain new perspectives and insights they can put into practice.

Previewing This Year’s Executive Leadership Conference Agenda

Discussion and Workshop Topics

As in all years, this year’s Smarter Services™ Symposium is packed with highly engaging sessions led by extremely distinguished professionals.

Here’s a look at key service disciplines on the docket:

  • Field Service (Xs & Os)
    Identify how the field service industry is rapidly changing and what your FSO must do to evolve with it.
  • Customer Experience (Cx & NPS)
    Find out how customer journey mapping, new service channels, self-service, and more give your clients experiences that keep them satisfied and loyal.
  • Service Supply Chain (Parts)
    Discover how you can use data to optimize parts management and build global parts distribution networks.
  • Service Workforce Empowerment (People)
    Plan to equip your workers in the office and in the field with the tools and information they need to deliver the best service possible.
  • Service Revenue Growth ($)
    Strategize new ways of organizing your staff and service models to create new revenue sources from service.
  • Intelligent Service Operations (Data)
    Get the latest information about using data to support predictive service models and to maximize your workforce capacity.
  • Service Innovation (Process)
    Look ahead so you’ll be ready to apply agile principles to service, update your service models, and integrate new technologies into all your operations.

Astea Featured Customer Led Sessions

Sessions In Focus

Astea is proud to sponsor two interactive sessions at this year’s event and are delighted to have several of our customers lead the discussions.

If you’re attending the event, be sure not to miss these sessions:

Roundtable: Challenges & Trends Around the Workforce of the Future

Monday, September 16

3 pm – 3:50 pm

Facilitator: Dan Kovacs, Sr. Systems Admin, Giant Eagle
David Douglas, VP Service Management, Scientific Games

Panel: How to Infuse Voice of Data into Your Organization

Panelists: : Natalie Chury, Applications Manager, ABM; Nicol Reeves, Project Manager Strategic Solutions, ABM; Darlene Stonewall, Project Manager, Park Place Technologies; Adam Heaney, Field Service Engineer, Park Place Technologies

Moderator: Anil Gupta, VP Service Delivery, Astea

Interested in participating or learning more? Save your seat at our workshops now!

Astea Can’t Wait to See You in Chicago!

We hope this primer is getting you excited about coming to the Windy City for this premier field service leadership conference.

Don’t miss out on what promises to be a weekend full of information and insights that you can put to work for your FSO right away, ensuring it succeeds and thrives in today’s challenging and rapidly changing marketplace.

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