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Food & Beverage

For companies that service food & beverage equipment Astea’s solutions are designed for delivering mission-critical services that allow for minimum down time. Organizations that sell, install, repair, or maintain food & beverage equipment in the field will be able to enhance its competitive advantage, increase productivity and reduce costs through the implementation and use of a comprehensive SLM solution.

Superior Field Service Efficiencies

Leveraging the most comprehensive field service automation tools in the industry, field force capacity utilization can be optimized, resulting in salient operational efficiencies. Your field technicians will be empowered to increase revenue generation & recovery. By streamlining the invoice process, you’ll be able to shorten billing cycles, lower your Day Sales Outstanding, and manage cash flow more effectively. By streamlining and managing service inventories, such as trunk stock, more effectively, you’ll be able to see inventory cost reductions.

Improved Inventory Management Capabilities

Where inventory costs reductions can be realized by streamlining and managing service inventories (such as trunk stock, etc.)

Comprehensive Contract, Service Level Agreement and Warranty Management

Contracts and SLAs can be structured in ways that best fit the business – and the business of their customers (i.e., meter billing, preventative maintenance, draw-down contracts, etc.)

Service and Sales Integration

Enable field service technicians and contact center personnel to more thoroughly service their accounts while driving revenue in the process (i.e., through new opportunities for selling, upselling and cross-selling the company’s products, services and consumables).