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Gaming & Leisure

For companies that manufacture and service gaming equipment Astea’s solutions provide a comprehensive set of integrated business solutions that empower strategic initiative while driving tactical execution. Companies that install, repair, and maintain gaming equipment-such as slot machines, video poker games, and lottery terminals will be able to increase competitive advantage, top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability through a consolidated, shared, enterprise solution.

Increased Helpdesk / Contact Center Effectiveness

Increase call handling efficiencies, first-call resolution rates and call avoidance rates, ultimately lowering service costs and raising customer satisfaction. By arming your call center personnel with the correct information – be it entitlement, configuration or marketing campaign data – you’ll be able to increase selling and cross-selling of products, consumables, and additional services.

Superior Field Service Efficiencies

Leveraging the most comprehensive field service automation tools in the industry, field force capacity utilization can be optimized, resulting in significant operational efficiencies. Your field technicians will be empowered to increase revenue generation & recovery. By streamlining the invoice process, you’ll be able to shorten billing cycles, lower your Day Sales Outstanding, and manage cash flow more effectively. By streamlining and managing service inventories, such as trunk stock, more effectively, you’ll be able to see inventory cost reductions.

Comprehensive Contract and Warranty Management

Helpdesk and field technicians can quickly verify customer and vendor entitlements, eliminating the costs of providing parts and services not truly due per warranty or contract, while ensuring that all vendor claims are quickly processed and accounted for. Field technicians and management can be certain that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are planned for and met, ensuring commitments to the customer are honored and revenue is not lost.