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Astea’s Superior Medical Device Field Service Software Solutions

Astea provides comprehensive medical device field service software solutions for medical device companies seeking to improve service, sales, and compliance. Our integrated business solutions are designed for companies that install, repair, and maintain medical and dental equipment. Many of the businesses we work with utilize medical diagnostics and imaging equipment, surgical instruments, laser systems, respiratory care equipment, and hospital beds. Astea’s medical device field service software solutions offer these companies a competitive advantage as well as top-line and bottom-line profitability through a consolidated, shared, enterprise solution.

Maximize Efficiencies with Medical Device Field Service Software Solutions

Leveraging the most comprehensive field service automation tools in the industry, field force capacity utilization can be optimized, resulting in significant operational efficiencies. Field technicians will be empowered to increase revenue generation and recovery with the implementation of medical device field service software solutions. By streamlining the invoice process, you’ll be able to shorten billing cycles, lower your Day Sales Outstanding, and manage cash flow more effectively. In addition, Astea’s medical device field service software solutions consolidate and manage service inventories, such as trunk stock more efficiently, resulting in inventory cost reductions.

Boost Service, Sales, and Compliance

Medical device field service software solutions will boost efficiencies in field technician productivity and management by ensuring that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are planned for and met. Mission-critical commitments to the customer will be honored, resulting in no loss of revenue. Furthermore, field technicians can quickly verify customer and vendor entitlements. This leads to eliminating the costs of providing parts and services not truly due per warranty or contract while ensuring that all vendor claims are quickly processed and accounted for. Ultimately, empowering field technicians with Astea’s intuitive, easy-to-use sales tools opens new opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell equipment and consumables. Field service technicians and contact center personnel are able to more thoroughly service their accounts while driving revenue in the process. Medical device field service software solutions facilitate streamlined regulatory processes more effectively, including assistance in compliance with regulations and guidelines related to electronic records, signatures, and reporting. Astea Alliance also helps in addressing Title 21 CFR Part 11, by providing the ability for generating electronic records and signatures, controlling the use of computer systems, lot and serial number traceability, audit trails, archiving, and security. If you’d like to know more about how Astea’s medical device field service software solutions can refine the service, sales, and compliance processes of your medical device company, contact us or request a demo today. Our Astea team is looking forward to starting a conversation with you today.