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Service Management Deployment Options – Harness the Power and Flexibility of the Cloud

Today’s field service customers expect faster service, so connectivity and access to accurate data are increasingly important. Yet many companies spend up to 75% of their IT budgets on legacy systems that don’t help them deliver quicker or better service. To meet your customers’ expectations and stand out from your competitors, your company needs to use a modern field service management (FSM) system equipped with cloud capabilities.

Is Your Current IT Infrastructure Up to the Task?

Is it helping your team meet customers’ more rigorous expectations, deliver service more quickly, and evolve with today’s changing market demands? Astea offers different models of cloud deployments to help businesses like yours deliver a higher value service while controlling costs. Learn how cloud hosting can help your company:

  • Improve data security and safeguard customer information
  • Empower technicians in the field with real-time information and tools
  • Scale up and down to meet changing business needs and cycles
  • Reduce capital expenditures on costly hardware and its maintenance

With a cloud-hosted FSM system, you can ensure both your office staff and field staff are always connected to the most up-to-date information, as well as the tools they need to provide a stronger customer experience. Astea offers multiple cloud delivery models, allowing every company to choose the right one that aligns with their strategy and IT ecosystem. We provide private, public and multi-tenant cloud hosting options, so you can rely on one vendor with equally powerful options for hosting your field service management platform. Regardless of which cloud hosting option you choose, Astea manages every aspect including the Windows updates that must be applied to the servers to ensure that it’s seamless for your field service organization.

Watch this video to see why over 80% of FSOs choose cloud hosting as their preferred deployment model.


Discover in-depth how cloud-hosted FSM solutions can speed up your organization’s success in today’s marketplace, and how:

  • The speed and flexibility of cloud-deployed solutions enable your team to more quickly address customer concerns
  • Usage-based pricing models provide a cost-effective means of connecting your workforce and customers
  • High availability and resiliency of cloud solutions guard against system downtime, and thus lost business
  • Cloud hosting can simplify your IT systems while bringing new potential to harvest valuable data insights to eliminate inefficiencies

Want to learn more about how Astea can help your organization embrace the future of field service with the Cloud? Download the Astea Cloud Capabilities ebook now.

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Cloud-Based Delivery for Field Service Software

Leverage the cloud to reduce your risk and time to deployment, without sacrificing performance or functionality. Companies have full control over their data in a secure, reliable and highly-scalable environment. Astea eliminates the need for an on-premises infrastructure, thereby helping businesses minimize the need for IT resources that are typically required for hardware and software installation and configuration, software upgrades, as well as ongoing maintenance. Some common motivations for cloud migration include:

  • Fast deployment and solutions that can evolve with business needs so your organization is not tied to the limitations of on-site solutions.
  • Remote access to back-office apps and information so field staff can offer richer and more personal customer experiences during service calls.
  • Reduced short-term and long-term expenditures, enabling your business to make smart investments to keep up with market demands.
  • Improved data and system security so sensitive information is never at risk and maximum system uptime is achieved.

Man in a business suit holding planning calendar presses buttons representing cloud technology capabilities on virtual screen.

The Benefits of Astea’s Alliance FSM Platform on Azure

We strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of Microsoft’s long history of simple but powerful software solutions by opting for Astea’s Alliance Enterprise platform hosted on Azure. Key benefits include:

  • No Upfront IT Infrastructure Cost
  • No Need for Dedicated IT Resources
  • Shift from Capital to Operational Expense
  • Faster Implementations
  • Lower Deployment Costs
  • Faster ROI
  • Minimize Risk
  • Free & Continuous Software Updates
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime and swift disaster recovery
  • SOC 2 certification

With our cloud-friendly industry leading FSM software, Astea can help your field service organization realize these benefits and deliver deliver a stronger service to customers while controlling costs.

Get Built-in Security and Industry Best Practices

When you deploy your FSM solution with Astea via Microsoft Azure, you benefit from built-in cloud security. Microsoft follows a number of industry best practices to bolster security and boasts the largest global network of data centers. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Astea follows the same practices. Discover how cloud-hosted field service software can help you shed legacy IT infrastructure, better meet customer expectations, and surpass your competition. Download our free Cloud Capabilities eBook now or click the button below to request more information.

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