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As a service leader, you are constantly asking yourself, ‘How can we be more profitable?’

Companies are scrutinizing their service models to make the transition from a cost center to a profit center—we all know that is easier said than done. There are many variables to consider when launching profit-boosting initiatives, but rest assured that Astea’s field service technology can help.

With our end-to-end field service management platform, you can transform the customer experience to boost upsell and cross-sell; give field technicians easy access to creating sales quotes and new opportunities through our Alliance Mobile Edge application; achieve same day invoicing and business growth without increasing staff; and much more.

Boost the Profitability of Your Field Service Operation

Deliver Consistent Service Globally
  • Astea Alliance is a truly global solution and supports different countries using the same database. Implement common business processes on a single system worldwide with support for multiple currencies, operation centers, and price books – support global, regional, and local views of the service operation.
Scalable to Support Growth
  • Astea Alliance can grow with your organization. As your business grows you may need additional solutions to support that growth. Astea Alliance modules can easily be added as your business needs change.
  • Additionally, our scalable solution can accommodate thousands of users and can support any size company.
Improve Quality
  • You are now able to identify defective, outdated or unnecessary parts to drive quality and reduce costs. More importantly, you can identify your most cost-effective spare parts, as well as items/service that may be adding unnecessary costs to your operations.

Featured Profitability & Growth Webinar

Join Astea’s Chief Operating Officer, David Giannetto, as he gives you a 6-point guideline to making your field service organization more profitable. The Chief Information Officer at APi Group, a leading service organization to the construction industry, will be sharing his success story:


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