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Emerging Technologies in Field Service


Since digital transformation is on everyone’s minds in the field service industry, we’re continually focused on emerging technology that can help your business increase revenue, create new service offerings and improve the customer experience. We establish partnerships with leaders in each of the top emerging technology fields so that you have direct access to the latest technology when you implement Astea’s field service management platform.


With Alliance Enterprise, your company can help lead the future of field service management and get ahead of the competition by leveraging some of today’s foremost emerging technologies such as:

  • Augmented Reality (AR): Empower your technicians, address the skilled labor scarcity and offer interactive support with augmented reality capabilities integrated with your field service management platform. With AR, you can launch collaborative video sessions to connect field technicians to remote service experts and customers alike.
  • Cloud Computing: Though cloud-based technology is now in many ways mainstream, new cloud functionality is continually being introduced. Astea is dedicated to providing the latest in cloud technology to help grow your business. Learn more.
    • Astea Partners: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
  • Contingent Worker Portals: Easy, online access to a contingent workforce offers service companies flexibility and agility. It also helps them scale their business, overcome geographic limitations and meet growing customer demands. Learn more.
    • Astea Partners: WorkMarket, FieldNation
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Take advantage of all that IoT has to offer with an out-of-the-box connector that integrates our Alliance Enterprise field service management platform with the flexible, secure, reliable and cost-effective IoT solution from Cumulocity. The integrated solution enables you to create flexible flows to perform various business actions such as multi-channel notifications and order initiation.
  • Wearables: Mobile technicians can now go beyond smartphones, tablets and laptops to hands-free wearables such as smart watches and smart glasses. Equip your field techs with wearable devices to connect them to teammates, data and resources like never before.

To learn more about the features and functionality of Alliance Enterprise, which can help your business leverage the latest emerging technologies, click here or request a demo.