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Empowering Technicians to Satisfy Customers

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Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction with Astea Alliance

Customer satisfaction is imperative in an increasingly competitive service sector. Astea provides the tools needed to help your company rise above the rest. Improve customer satisfaction, cultivate long-term relationships and witness an increase in customer loyalty and repeat business. You’ve likely heard that capturing a new customer is costly. Did you know, however, that studies have demonstrated that new customer acquisition costs five times more than maintaining a current customer? Astea’s Alliance Enterprise software solution is specifically designed to improve customer satisfaction. Keep the customers you have—keep them engaged. Astea knows how to keep the interest and approval of customers. We continuously conduct research to better understand the mindset of the modern service-industry consumer. Our perfected, service-centric software platform seamlessly and organically fosters loyal customers.

Field Service Evolution Focused on Customer Satisfaction


Astea Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction by Knowing Today’s Consumer

Today, service-based businesses simply cannot overlook customer expectations. And, what does the modern day consumer expect? Perhaps the most predominate expectation of the modern customer is integrity-driven customer service.The typical consumer of today is:

By anticipating the customer’s needs, improving response time, and delivering consistent service, Astea Alliance Enterprise drastically improves customer satisfaction.

Three Ways Astea Alliance Enterprise Fulfills Consumer Expectations

In addition to meeting the expectations of the consumer, Alliance Enterprise adds value to service-centric businesses by providing a fully-integrative platform. Alliance Enterprise software is comprised of full-service lifecycle management capabilities. This means you no longer have to individually parcel the components of your business needs. Astea Alliance Enterprise contains every building block necessary to achieve customer satisfaction. Our software enables optimization in:

  • Scheduling
  • Field service
  • Sales and management
  • Service center processing
  • Much more!

Take a look at three specific ways that Alliance Enterprise improves customer satisfaction:

  • Anticipates Customer Service Requirements
    • User-Friendly Functionality Alliance Enterprise contains comprehensive customer archives. The platform can easily track and even predict problems before they occur. Having a comprehensive and predictive software model enables companies to provide preventive maintenance. This results in the need for repeat service calls is significantly reduced.
    • Around-the-Clock Mobile Access Employees have 24/7 access to customer information, repair histories, parts availability, and technical product specifications. Field technicians are properly prepared. They are able to complete all of the work during the first visit. This saves the service company >and the customer time and money.
  • Improves Responsiveness to Customer Calls and Service Delivery
    • Smart Alerts Contact center and field personnel are empowered with visual alerts, automatic escalation, scripting, and question tress. Everything required to optimize the customer interaction process occurs quickly and simplistically.
    • Multi-channel Inbound/Outbound Capabilities Astea offers fully integrated, multi-channel communication capabilities. This means techs can easily:
      • Place an order
      • Update records
      • Make payments
      • Receive remote support
      • Schedule a service call
  • Makes It Easier For Your Customer To Do Business With You
    • Built-In Information The high expectations of today’s customer dictate the need for fast and accurate information. Astea Alliance’s customer self-service capabilities provide customers with the information they need when they want it.
    • Robust Contract Management Software Astea’s contract management software improves invoicing accuracy, automates contract renewals, and offers customized service agreements. The result— improved relationships with customers and an increase in revenue.

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction in Action

Our client, Scientific Games serves as a current example of Astea Alliance Enterprise in action. Scientific Games is the first business of their kind in the gaming industry to offer full customer self-service management utilizing Astea Alliance Enterprise. Scientific Games incorporated the 360-degree service capabilities of Alliance Enterprise to Develop “Smart Services.” Having a smart, instant self-service platform that’s convenient and mobile allows Scientific Games to enable their customers to view:

  • The service tech’s estimated time of arrival
  • A GPS map view of the tech’s en-route location
  • When the tech has arrived at the site

The customer receives an alert when a technician arrives onsite. After the tech provides the service delivery and parts as needed, the customer has full access to the complete service transaction history. They can also view all previous service tickets. Having an end-to-end customer-focussed platform has enabled Scientific Games to revolutionize the customer experience.

All Your Business Needs to Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Today, service-centric businesses must retain satisfied customers to thrive in a competitive market. In order to establish loyalty, it’s imperative to track the customer experience from start to finish. This ensures consistency, stability, and customer approval and loyalty. At Astea Alliance, we specialize in offering businesses the software solutions necessary to acquire new clientele and improve existing customer relationships. We cater to a number of industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • Food service equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Retail equipment
  • Gaming
  • Leisure
  • Entertainment
  • And many more

Join industry leaders such as Scientific Games, alongside our extensive list of successful clients. Learn more about how having a fully-integrative customer-service solution transforms the customer service experience. Witness rapid results in customer satisfaction and reap the rewards resulting from a loyal customer base. To learn more about how Astea Alliance Enterprise can improve customer satisfaction for your business, click here to get started.