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We live in an integrated world. Nearly every mobile app, software application and website integrates with multiple other applications and data sources because the combination allows companies to utilize one highly effective solution. Through software integration, companies gain efficiency, solve problems and differentiate their offerings. To empower service-driven businesses like yours, Astea has created an approach to field service management which enables you to run your organization as a fully integrated enterprise.

Astea Alliance™ Enterprise has long been recognized as the broadest and deepest field service and mobility platform in the industry, minimizing the need to integrate with external applications. But being best-of-breed in the ever more integrated world means that our platform is also designed to quickly and easily share information with a wide variety of other business applications and platforms through standard connectors. This approach extends the value of our Alliance field service management platform for your company, while reducing the high costs associated with custom programming.

An Integration Approach that Fits Your Core Business

There are two main ways we integrate our platform with other systems. The first way is through pre-built Standard Connectors for all the most popular enterprise business applications, which are generally finance, ERP, and CRM applications, as well as IoT platforms, augmented reality solutions, ticketing systems and contingent worker portals. If there is not a Standard Connector for the system you want to integrate with, then it’s easy to create a custom integration via one of several methods.

Standard Connectors – Out-of-the-Box Integrations for the Most Popular Business Applications

Astea Alliance maximizes performance by utilizing a series of standard connectors to join common business applications at the transaction level. With Astea’s XML Integration Tool, your company can become a truly integrated enterprise by exchanging data in real-time to update systems, trigger workflows and keep every employee up-to-date.

Astea’s platform can integrate with many popular systems, including:

  • SalesforceIntegrated-Enterprise-Standard-Connectors-Astea-Alliance-Software-Integrations
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Help Lightning
  • XOi Technologies
  • WorkMarket
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Microsoft Dynamics (CRM, SL, GP, AX, NAV)
  • Epicor
  • Quickbooks
  • Vertex
  • Axeda
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • And many more

Building New Custom Integrations is Easy

No two integrations are alike. If your business operates on a system that doesn’t utilize a standard connector, Astea can create a custom integration solution. All custom integrations leverage Astea’s Integration Framework. This framework significantly reduces the time and effort required to create an integration by utilizing a visual workflow layer. Non-technical users create integrations by building process-flow diagrams that write the queries behind the scenes. There is no need to write code and implementation can be carried out swiftly and accurately.

Grow Your Business, Become an Integrated Enterprise

Alliance-Enterprise-Process-Flow-Engine-ScreenshotAs you grow, our integration tools and resources grow with you. As your business creates new service offerings and expands existing customer contracts, our experts are simultaneously developing new ways to refine integration to adapt to the specific needs of your organization.

If you’re ready to implement robust, real-time information sharing for an integrated enterprise that will increase customer loyalty, improve productivity, and allow you to command higher rates in the market, contact one of our Astea experts today.