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Knowledge Management from Astea Alliance Enterprise empowers each of your team members with the embedded and searchable resources they need to complete each task. Real-time mobile access to assets like case resolution notes, annotated photos, product manuals and technical support documentation helps users quickly find the information they need both online and offline. The Alliance platform provides advanced functionality for entering queries and navigating results, while effortlessly managing data storage and synchronization, so your entire workforce can:

  • Improve problem resolution times
  • Quickly & easily conduct searches across disparate data sources
  • Increase knowledge retention and sharing of expertise
  • Embed and attach both visual and text-based resources to a variety of objects
  • Enhance the quality of decision-making across the enterprise
  • Focus on customer interaction and provide quality service
  • Empower customers with their own knowledge management documentation to resolve issues autonomously

We know that everyone involved in the service delivery lifecycle needs instant, searchable knowledge access. That’s why searchable knowledge bases can be found throughout the Alliance service lifecycle management suite, giving customers, technicians, dispatchers, and managers access to shared knowledge.

Knowledge Management tools and features include:
  • Repair statistics based on problems identified
  • Question trees offering a series of definable questions and answers to prompt arrival at a solution
  • Comprehensive knowledge base with access to local shared directories, internal and external websites, the product table and resolved cases
  • Index & search capabilities for most document types, including text, videos, photos, product manuals, previous work orders, service history and more
  • Sleek, intuitive web interface
  • Individual security controls per user and streamlined versions for subcontractors
  • Simple text searching (query and fuzzy) and hit highlighting
  • Dynamic thumbnails and search rankings based on users’ needs
  • Publishing capabilities for role-based users to select, edit, and submit documents
  • Streamlined, customer-facing information and resources via customer portal and mobile app
Share Knowledge Management resources between dispatch, field technicians and customers

With Alliance Knowledge Management, helpful resources are available not only to field service technicians, but also to back office, third party and contingent workers, as well as customers. Connect your entire workforce and enable your customers to access helpful resources, enter their own work orders when self-service is not enough, and add to the knowledge base by registering warranty information.

Team Collaboration

When files and resources are not enough, collaboration between team members can often help diagnose problems and resolve customer issues without the need for additional service appointments. With collaboration tools on Astea Alliance, the most connected field service management and mobility platform, your company can:

  • Increase your first-time fix rate
  • Leverage the experience of a diverse set of remote service experts
  • Address the aging workforce and skilled labor scarcity
  • Effortlessly connect back office, field service, third party and contingent workers
In-Platform Messaging, Chat & Augmented Reality

Collaboration tools and capabilities on the Astea Alliance platform include in-platform messaging and chat tools with conversation archives, as well as augmented reality capabilities allowing technicians to launch an interactive video session from any connected location to get the assistance they need. By eliminating the need for outside messaging, phone calls or resources, you eliminate operational silos and maintain your team’s knowledge base on one seamless platform. 

To learn more about the features and functionality of Alliance Enterprise, which can help drive collaboration and knowledge management across your business, click here or request a demo.