Professional Services


Astea 首席运营官访谈: 如何利用客户体验提高利润


For nearly 40 years, Astea International has been providing software solutions and professional services to the field service industry worldwide. We understand that a field service management (FSM) application represents a significant investment for any company. Our goal is to maximize your return on that investment by not simply implementing software, but by focusing on facilitating process improvement throughout your service organization. It’s also important to complete the implementation of the initial phase as quickly as possible so these gains can start being recognized sooner.

Professional Services to Set You Up for Success

Achieving these objectives requires the services of a highly skilled team of professionals with extensive application knowledge and industry experience. Astea has such a team in its Professional Services Department. The average tenure of Astea’s Professional Services staff is in excess of ten years. This is almost unheard of in the software industry, and speaks volumes of the strength of the company and its software products.

The software implementation itself will be professionally managed by Astea Project Managers in partnership and collaboration with your internal project team, and will be well supported by Astea’s Business Analysts and Software Engineers.

Implementation Support and Process Improvements

Change management is a critical element of any implementation of a software application that touches almost all operational areas. The Astea Project Managers and Business Analysts are experts in field service management and are a valuable resource in facilitating the process improvements that are made possible by the use of the Astea Alliance application suite.

In modern enterprises software applications rarely operate in isolation. Integration between the FSM system and other applications, such as ERP and HR systems is commonplace. Astea employs a team of industry leading experts in system integration that will ensure any interfaces are robust and stable.

The Astea Helpdesk and support team will provide you with the assurance you need to see that the system will be well maintained, supported and upgraded through the many years of its lifecycle, whether the software is deployed ‘on-premise’ or in the cloud.

Astea’s expert Business Analysts can also remain engaged, if required, long after the initial system go live, always available to help our customers continue to leverage their investment and gain constant and ongoing process improvement.

To request more information, contact our experts today. We look forward to assisting you!