Field Service Management Solutions for Stronger Staff and Customer Experiences

6/14/2019 / Digital Transformation / Katia Loboda

field service management solutions

Customers and staff are arguably the two most important assets of any business. Your customers oil the wheels of revenue and profit. Your staff makes them turn.

The Aberdeen State of Service 2019 Report names customer retention as one of the most important factors defining best-in-class field service organizations (FSOs). A high level of customer retention is made possible by motivated staff who consistently deliver positive, personalized experiences, resulting in satisfied customers. But many FSOs struggle to provide this level of service and differentiate their value offerings.

Field service management (FSM) solutions can help you achieve a competitive edge in winning and keeping today’s more selective consumers by:

  • collecting actionable data.
  • empowering technicians with mobile technology.
  • streamlining customer experiences across channels.

Make Your Data Actionable with the Help of Emerging Technologies

According to Aberdeen’s report, only 27% of FSOs feel satisfied with their ability to use data, particularly customer data.

Sound like your organization?

If so, you’ve likely invested time and resources into collecting data points such as percentage of first-time fixes, customer purchase cycles, and technician transit times. You may be able to refer to this information, but it remains unorganized and hasn’t driven improvements in operations.

Advanced field service solutions make data more actionable through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology.

Scheduling is one key AI application in field service. AI apps can quickly:

  • determine which technician is available and has appropriate skills for a service job.
  • schedule the service call in your FSM solution.
  • push a notification to your tech’s connected calendar over the cloud.

AI software can do all these tasks without the intervention of your staff, leaving them free to focus on other customer-centric tasks.

Artificial intelligence also has inventory management applications. With more equipment models to service and inventory spread across locations and vehicle fleets, your organization may be facing new inventory and parts management challenges.

Field service management solutions equipped with AI capabilities can help you meet these challenges by collecting data on equipment service cycles, malfunctions, and parts replacements.

By recognizing patterns in this data, AI tools can suggest the optimal inventory mix to ensure technicians always have the parts they need when making service calls. Properly equipped technicians make more efficient service calls, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Mobile Field Service Technology for Technicians and Customers

field service management solutionsNaturally, a mobile workforce like yours needs mobile field service technology to meet and exceed customer expectations and earn repeat business.

Field service mobile apps not only enable your technicians to remotely manage work orders but also assist with equipment diagnostics and provide screen-by-screen repair guides, helping boost first-time fix rates.

Mobile applications also include the functionality to document repairs, schedule preventative maintenance, and collect customer signature and approvals. These capabilities all create opportunities for your technicians to cross-sell and upsell customers.

Mobile technology turns members of your field staff into brand ambassadors who can help drive your company’s revenue growth.

Satisfy Customers by Streamlining Their Service Experiences

Today’s customers are more tech-savvy and connected than ever.

They may interact with your company through any number of channels: email, phone, social media, text, instant message, and in-person. This reality makes offering a high standard of uniform customer experiences (CX) all the more difficult.

But with a field service management solution like Astea’s Alliance Enterprise, you can unify customer interaction data on one platform and create an end-to-end view of the customer journey.

You can use customer feedback and insights collected from across geographies to inform employee training and create consistent customer experiences.

Furthermore, both field and office staff will have access to a central repository of customer histories from a desktop or a mobile device. This will empower your team to swiftly and knowledgeably respond to customer requests.

Overcoming Challenges with Field Service Software

The challenges of modern FSOs aren’t trivial. Customers demand personalized service, competition is fierce, and emerging technologies are disrupting business models.

But with strong field service technologies like Astea’s Alliance Enterprise in place, you can prepare your organization to take these challenges head-on. With our FSM solution, you can equip your team with the data, mobile tools, and organizational visibility needed to systematically deliver best-in-class service experiences.

Do you want to discover even more about the State of Service 2019? Watch our series of short videos to find out:

  • how to weave CX into your company’s DNA so consumers turn to you for their equipment servicing needs time after time.
  • which customer interaction channels you should be using in order to achieve best-in-class status.
  • how to be ready for the ways emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and augmented reality are changing service delivery.

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