On-Demand Webinar: How Cloud Hosting Benefits Your FSO

11/25/2019 / Uncategorized / Katia Loboda

If you’re like most service organizations, you are constantly asking yourself “How can I deliver better, faster service to my customers?”.

Field service organizations who want to deliver on superior service and gain a competitive edge in today’s market, must have the right tools and technology that enable constant connectivity and access to accurate data. Sadly, many companies spend up to 75% of their IT budgets on legacy systems that don’t help them deliver quicker or better service.

FSOs who aren’t investing in a modern, robust field service management (FSM) platform equipped with cloud capabilities simply can’t compete with the Best-in-Class. A cloud-hosted FSM platform can help you ensure both your office staff and field technicians are always connected to the most up-to-date information, as well as the tools they need to provide a stronger customer experience.

But moving over to the cloud can be an intimidating thought for many organizations who aren’t sure where to begin and what cloud computing entails.

In our recent on-demand webinar, Erik Breen, Astea’s Director of Cloud Hosting Services, answers some of the most critical questions faced by service leaders considering cloud deployment for their FSM solution. During the webinar, we address:

    • The speed and flexibility of cloud-deployed solutions that enable your team to more quickly address customer concerns
    • Usage-based pricing models that provide a cost-effective means of connecting your workforce and customers
    • High availability and resiliency of cloud solutions to guard against system downtime, and thus lost business
    • How cloud hosting can simplify your IT systems while bringing new potential to harvest valuable data insights to eliminate inefficiencies
    • The Astea approach to cloud deployment
    • Questions from the live webinar audience

In our Cloud Capabilities eBook, Erik Breen, Astea’s Director of Cloud Hosting Services, explains the pros and cons of the different cloud scenarios—on-premise vs. cloud hosting, public cloud vs. private—available to field service businesses and why cloud-hosted field service solutions are necessary tools for delivering customer-centric, value-added serviceThe free eBook also addresses:

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