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Knoweledge Management for Improved Collaboration

Astea Alliance Enterprise Knowledge Management software offers competitive service-centric businesses with a competitive edge. Team members can work more effectively with embedded and searchable resources they needed to complete tasks. Every employee has access to real-time mobile access to a host of assets. Resolution notes, annotated photos, product manuals, and technical support documentation helps users quickly find the information they need (both online and offline).

Ultimately, Knowledge Management seamlessly manages data storage and synchronization efficiently, accurately, and safely. The result is better internal communication and collaboration, and increased customer satisfaction.

Research demonstrates that the most successful knowledge management systems are those that are fully integrated.

In the competitive service-centric space, it’s vital to adopt a management strategy that covers the 4 C’s:

  • Collection of data
  • Codification of database information
  • Connecting customers
  • Culture support (internally and externally)

Together, the 4 Cs effectively create a community-oriented knowledge management system. But how exactly does this systematic knowledge management work?

The Astea Knowledge Management system effortlessly manages data storage and synchronization, so your entire workforce can:

  • Improve problem resolution times
  • Quickly and easily conduct searches across multiple data sources
  • Increase knowledge retention and sharing of expertise
  • Embed and attach both visual and text-based resources
  • Enhance the quality of decision-making
  • Focus on customer interaction and provide quality service
  • Empower customers with their own knowledge management documentation to resolve issues autonomously

Comprehensive Knowledge Management Capabilities that Invite Customization

We know that every service delivery based business needs instant, searchable knowledge access. That’s why searchable knowledge bases can be found throughout the Alliance service lifecycle management suite. Astea Alliance Enterprise provides your business a cutting edge by giving customers, technicians, dispatchers, and managers access to shared knowledge.

Knowledge Management tools and features include:

  • Clear repair statistics based on flagged problems
  • User-friendly explanatory question trees
  • Comprehensive database with access to local shared directories; internal and external websites; the product table, and resolved cases
  • Diverse index with search capabilities for most document types (text, videos, photos, product manuals, previous work orders, service history and more)
  • Sleek, intuitive web interface
  • Convenient individualized security controls per user (with streamlined versions for subcontractors)
  • Simple text searching (query and fuzzy) and hit highlighting
  • Dynamic thumbnails and search rankings based on users’ needs
  • Role-based publishing capabilities to select, edit, and submit documents
  • Streamlined, resources via the customer portal and mobile app

Knowledge sharing has never been easier. Dispatch, field technicians, and customers can all be on the same page with Alliance Knowledge Management. Knowledge support systems are available to:

  • Field service technicians
  • Back office employees
  • Third party and contingent workers
  • Customers

Now you can connect your entire workforce and enable customers to access helpful resources. Your customers can even enter their own work orders and add to the knowledge base by registering warranty information.

Foster and Improve Team Collaboration

Comprehensive knowledge management systems have the power to perfect workflow. Astea Alliance Knowledge Management eliminates the need for time-consuming paper trails and communication inefficiencies. Team members can easily collaborate, diagnose problems, and resolve customer issues—all in one platform. As a result, additional service appointments are significantly reduced. Astea Alliance KM system serves as the most connected field service management and mobility platform on the market. Get ready to:

  • Increase your first-time fix rate
  • Leverage diverse pool of remote service experts
  • Address the aging workforce and skilled labor scarcity
  • Effortlessly connect back office, field service, third party, and contingent workers

The systems and tools of Astea’s Knowledge Management platform naturally support endless service-oriented industries. Our client base includes:

  • Controls & Instrumentation
  • Fire & Security
  • Food Service Equipment
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Gaming, Leisure & Entertainment
  • Imaging, Copiers, & Office Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Retail Equipment
  • Telecommunications

In-Platform Messaging, Chat & Augmented Reality

Alliance in-platform messaging and chat tools boost business organization culture with:

  • Conversation archives
  • Augmented reality capabilities

Technicians can launch an interactive video session from any connected location. As the most effective KM system, Alliance eliminates the need for outside messaging and phone calls.

Ultimately, you have everything required to maintain your team’s knowledge base on one seamless platform.

Astea Solutions Leverages Collaboration

Astea has helped over 600 companies to promote organizational cultures since its inception in 1979. Our mission is to drive even higher levels of customer satisfaction with faster response times. In a saturated market, Astea recognizes how imperative proactive communication is combined with highly personalized experiences—at every customer relationship touch point.

Knowledge Management reduces inefficiencies, encourages collaboration, and ultimately boosts customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the features and functionality of Alliance Enterprise, which can help drive collaboration and knowledge management across your business simply, click here or request a demo.